Reduce Your Windows IT Management Time in Half

Wouldn’t it be great to Administer all your Servers (Azure and local) and Computers from a single place without any agents or special 3rd party software? I know that sounds very interesting, there is a solution, and it costs nothing!


Explaining the Problem

One of the most time-consuming IT operations is handling day-to-day requests. This leads to manually connecting to PCs, Servers, Cloud Infrastructures, Virtual VM Infrastructures (Hyper-V), and Server Clusters. Really how many times during your working hours do you just want to quickly check real-time performance from a server or a computer or extend a disk? I have been in that position, I would say several times daily. Lets see how we can reduce Windows management time in half or less.

Optimize your Time

I always believed that Tasks and operations that are repetitive should be automated as much as possible.

The solution provided by Microsoft itself by freely providing us with software that can be installed on a server, on a high available cluster, or locally on our PC. Of course, if you install it on a server, you can access it from anywhere with your browser, even if you are not on your PC. We can add all our Windows-related assets, making the Administration really simple and tremendously saving time. Let’s not mention how happy the upper management and users would be when something is handled lighting fast.

The application is the Windows Admin Center. I will quickly explain the Installation and how you can benefit from it in the following steps.


The software can be installed on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2019 officially supported ( Although I believe it will work on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. It doesn’t need IIS, SQL DB, or AD to work and is extremely lightweight in resources consuming. The only prerequisite for the assets added to the platform is to have installed WMF 5.1 ( on older operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2.


Download the Installation from here -> . Follow the steps in the image carousel below. If you install the application on a server, make sure it doesn’t use port 443 already.

Installation Step 1
Installation Step 2
Installation Step 3
Installation Step 4
Installation Step 5
Installation Step 6
Installation Step 7

Adding Assets

When you log in on the management page, you can add any Assets by manually typing them. if you are part of an active directory domain, you can directly import them from the wizard it provides:

Add Asset
Add Asset
Add Asset Type
Asset Type

Effective Administration

We have installed the software, added all the assets that we want to Administer, and now is the exciting part. We can fully manage all the assets by simply clicking on them and connecting. We then will get an Azure-like side dashboard with all the categories we can view and manage. Some of the immediately interesting ones are: Events, Installed Apps, Local Users & Groups, PowerShell, Services, Storage, Processes, Performance monitor, Updates, Azure hybrid center, and many others that you can explore.

Remote Desktop
Event Log

Extensions as Epilogue

The application is fully compatible with Azure. So, if you go to Settings-> Account, you can sign in and Register with Azure, which will allow you to add and manage Assets on the Azure. Something else that is buried inside settings is that if you go in Settings -> Extensions, an application providing Extension capabilities, you can extend its functionality and administer other services, such as DHCP, DNS, Active Directory, Azure Cloud Shell, etc.

Azure Account

If the above sounds confusing, very technical, or just time consuming for you current capacity, we are here to help Contact us by Clicking Here. We are helping businesses to stabilizing and optimizing their environments. We also offer monitoring as a service if you just want us to keep an eye and alert you if something has indications of the will stop working soon. Here is an article related to monitoring

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