The only three Group Policy Troubleshooting Tools that you will ever need.

The day starts by running on another problem on Group Policy, and you need to start investigating. Let’s try to simplify things on your Active Directory GPO Troubleshooting. Bellow, you will find the only group policy troubleshooting tools you will need with an easy-to-understand description and the handiest switches.


It is a client-side tool that allows you to “fetch” group policy settings from the AD. This command will force the group policy that is occurring, usually in 90 minutes or more, instantly.

gpupdate /Force -Reapplies all group policy settings.

gpupdate /Boot – Causes a computer restart after the Group Policy settings are applied if required.

gpupdate /Logoff – Causes a logoff if needed after the Group Policy settings are updated.

gpupdate /force


It is another client-side command-line tool that shows which GPOs have been applied or missed to a particular workstation.

gpresult /r – This switch will show you the results of the policy settings applied to this machine in plain view. In this view, you can track valuable information about which GPOs apply to the specific workstation and the last time of the successful GPO update.

gpresult /r
gpresult /r

gpresult /H GPReport.html – Sending the output to a file.

gpresult /H GPReport.html

gpresult /S ComputerName /R – Use /S to specify a remote computer name. This command allows you to check Group Policy results remotely without logging in to that computer.

gpresult /S ComputerName /R

gpresult /R /Scope <USER or COMPUTER>: This helps to narrow down the results to display either information from the User side of Group Policy or results only from the Computer settings.

gpresult /R /Scope COMPUTER

RSOP (Resultant Set of Policy)

Provides layout with all the currently applied GPO in the same way as Group Policy Editor, so this can be another helpful way of tracking down the location of a particular setting.



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