The Essential IT Services Glossary

I will try to explain some of the essential terms for IT in the easiest possible way for the non-technical audience. I hope this will help Small Business Owners that are just starting or who have always had a misty idea of IT to clarify some of the terms.

IT Service
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What is IT?

I cannot think of a Business nowadays that is not using technology to cover a part of its operations. Businesses use technology to support, operate, and achieve their goals, from as simple as an email to as complex as Cloud Extension. IT is all those systems, software, and services that a company uses in a unified term.

What is the use of IT?

Any company looking to achieve its goals and remain “current” in the modern market uses IT in that direction. Advertising, operations, sales, ordering, collaboration across teams, and communication between clients and your company depend on good IT operation. IT is also a sector of your business that you should be revisiting and optimizing as all the others. Think of a company that still uses a fax machine as the only way of receiving orders. There is no e-shop or email option because fax works and doesn’t need to invest in following the latest IT trends. How obsolete that company has become and how much money they are losing without embracing new IT technologies.

IT Support

IT Support is when a user or a department reaches out to a technical resource to get help with an IT issue they are facing. From a printer that doesn’t print to a file server that is not reachable anymore. Everyone has used this service at least once and knows how important it is. Primarily when the issue occurs in the most productive hour of the day or during that tight deadline. Having someone you can reach and know that will respond in an expected time is life-saving.

IT Services

I could describe IT Services as different types of trees in a technology forest in simplistic terms. IT Services have several subcategories of expertise. Backing up your data, securing your communications, maintaining your hardware, and many other vital business services are under the broad definition of IT Services. IT Services is something you can obtain from multiple vendors with expertise in some specific field or one IT company with a vast knowledge of those fields. Internal IT departments can also do this, but most companies use a hybrid model with Internal and External IT Services for cost efficiency.

Consulting Information Services

Consulting Information Services provides valuable advice on technologies that your business might look to adopt but has no deep understanding of. Even if you don’t want an ongoing contract with an IT provider, you can get per-project help. So you are making sure you design the correct solution for your requirements. By interacting with such a provider, you are acquiring knowledge fast and developing a business relationship that you can use ad-hoc in the future.

IT Service for Small Business

Even though it sounds like an easy topic, large IT Service providers might not be the best choice for small businesses. Often, such companies become impersonal and know nothing more about your company than what your “tab” says on their CRM system. You get escalated and bounced over departments until you talk to the right person to solve your issue, losing valuable time. Have you ever been in the situation of calling your ISP for an internet problem? How was that experience? Terrible, right? Having an IT company that knows your goals, your Staff, your technology roadmap, and your vision, in general, makes a huge difference.

Support IT Company

Support IT Company or Managed Service Provider as they usually call such companies is an IT provider that covers everything we analyzed above and more. From monitoring your assets and fully managing your IT department needs. Or as hybrid assistance that helps your internal IT staff achieve the goals you set related to technology.

If the above sounds confusing, very technical, or just time consuming for you current capacity, we are here to help Contact us by Clicking Here. We are helping businesses to stabilizing and optimizing their environments. We also offer monitoring as a service if you just want us to keep an eye and alert you if something has indications of the will stop working soon. Here is an article related to monitoring

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